Hell in the Bible


First of all, when the Scriptures are correctly and consistently translated, they will clearly show there is NO CONSCIOUS SUFFERING of any sinner in ‘hell’. In fact, we will see that even saints are in ‘hell’ while waiting for the return of Christ Jesus. For a thorough study concerning this truth please reference the Post “Lazarus And The Rich Man”.

In the Old Testament the Hebrew word “sheol” has been translated in our Bibles ‘grave’ (31 times), ‘hell (31 times) and ‘the pit’ (3 times). It literally means “the unseen”, and as was pointed out  under the post of  “Death”, it is where the soul returns when a person dies and it has NO CONSCIOUSNESS, just as it was BEFORE the person was born.

The Greek equivalent of sheol in the New Testament is ‘hades’ and it is translated ‘hell’ (10 times) and ‘grave’ (1 time). Likewise, it means ‘the unseen’, where the soul goes at death….having NO CONSCIOUSNESS.

In the New Testament the word ‘ghenna’ is also translated ‘hell’ (12 times). It is actually not a true Greek word and refers to a place of loathing and abhorrence southwest of Jerusalem.  It is used in Matthew 5:28 and Matthew 10:28 and refers to a place where, in the millennium, the bodies of transgressors will be thrown AFTER they have been slain for sins worthy of death. The soul is NEVER said to  enter there NOR is it said  the soul suffers torment there.

Another Greek word translated as ‘hell’ in the New Testament is ‘tartarus’ (1 time). It is a place where the sinning, heavenly messengers are kept until the day of judgment.  2 Peter 2:4

The good news is that there will be a time , after the eon or age following the White Throne  Judgment, when even Death itself will be abolished (1 Corinthians 15:26) and it will NO LONGER hold ANY HUMAN in its state of being.  This is covered under the Post  “All Creation Will Be Saved”.

Take care.



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