Failure Part I

Hey, there!

There are 2 prominent types of “failure” illustrated in the Scriptures. And guess what, God brings them both to the most glorious conclusions!   That is why He is God……nothing, nothing, NOTHING exists that He will not and cannot use to bring about the utmost good for ALL. That is why He can allow evil and sin, as well as suffering (please reference the Post on “Suffering”), to exist in the world. Now, to the first….the “apparent failure”.

The best example of the “apparent failure” is the crucifixion of our Lord….it made His ministry look like a total, absolute failure.  OOPS, but wait….God does it again! He actually takes this “apparent failure” and turns it into the GREATEST SUCCESS story ever!  Because of this apparent  “failed” ministry, ALL mankind, yes ALL!, will be saved: “and I, if I may be lifted up from the earth, will draw ALL (emphasis mine) men unto myself.” (Young’s Literal New Testament, New American Standard, and others….John 12:32). (Please refer to the Post on “All Creation Will Be Saved”.)

The next “failure” is a real, bona fide failure, where we screw up big time or little time, even continuously…..real sin!  Not only are we fortunate that God and Jesus prefer mercy to judgment but ANY failures can wind up being  one of our most benefical blessings….if we do not faint and remain faithful. Quite simply, THE FAILURES ARE LESSONS TO SHOW HOW WEAK AND FRAIL WE ARE and, in turn, how much we truly need God and Christ to dominate our lives…..period! Let’s face it, most of us don’t HEARTILY turn to God and Jesus until we desperately need Them….our failures should be that motivation.

Oswald Chambers wrote in his book “My Utmost For His Greatest” (please reference the Post by the same title) that our “darkness” of suffering and failure can be God’s “gift of humiliation” to us because it “brings the softness of heart that will always listen to God”….as it (the “darkness”) will reveal how utterly human (as opposed to Holy) we truly are, and in DESPERATE need of our Father and our Savior.

I remember reading from one of William Law’s books (forgot which one as I have read so many of his writings) in which he very much emphasized that we should never, never, NEVER  give up trying after we fail.  As believers, we are under “grace”, not law (Romans 6:14, 8:2), and God and Christ Jesus will NEVER give up on us….if there is true, heartfelt  repentance and a seeking of forgiveness.

All the best in Him….later.



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  1. Sorry, but I debate with this blog post. I actually do like your particular blogging site though and may continue to keep moving back for updates.

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