You Are A Temple Of God: Helpful Health Hints


We will deviate somewhat from emphasizing the ‘spiritual’ and focus on the ‘physical’ aspect of our bodies, in relation to our calling. As far as is possible and within our own power, we, as stewards of all that God gives us, should rightly take care of our physical bodies, which are truly  the temple of God and temple of the Holy Spirit within us….1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19 and 2 Corinthians 6:16. Here, Paul writes that our bodies are actually considered “HOLY” (emphasis mine) by God….quite a privilege!!

Now, this doesn’t mean to get all ‘pretty’ for vanity’s sake….far from it. It is simply taking care of the human temple of God that we have been entrusted with. Paul’s body was wracked with not-so-pretty scars and marks as a result of the whippings and beatings he joyfully endured for Christ’s sake….Galatians 6:17. It is not what the body looks like, but rather, how well it functions to better enable us to serve God and Christ Jesus: this is how we “glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:20).

Of course, God may see fit to saddle us with an infirmity(s) for His Divine purpose and our own good, and for which there will be no cure until He sees fit….as was the case with Paul’s affliction(s).

I would like to recommend these supplements/foods that I have found quite beneficial, as well as foods and additives to AVOID, in providing me with very good health. You can Google each of them for additional information. Obviously, you should check with your health provider first….again, these have helped me and I have no clue what they will do for you.

At the end of each numbered supplement or food, I will give the website where the item can be purchased.

1. BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin. This totally natural supplement is really worth looking into and has been proven to be the MOST POTENT ANTIOXIDANT KNOWN. It is 550 times stronger than Vitamin E and 6,000 (yes, 6,000!!) times stronger than Vitamin C! (

It also has MANY other AMAZING benefits….especially concerning its ability to cross the ‘blood-brain barrier’ and assist in maintaining a HEALTHY BRAIN! You should read the entire article noted above (just click on the website in red).

Also, try this site:

( and

2. This article deals with food and food additives that we should AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE, much like ‘fluoride’ in Number 11 and ‘chlorine’ mentioned in Number 12. Here it is and I have dedicated a Post to it today:

3. Krill oil is one of the best health supplements that I have found and it surpasses all other fish oils in a number of ways as explained in this article:

It also “has the rare ability to cross the blood brain barrier and maintain cellular integrity.” ( ) This is an amazingly beneficial benefit regarding brain health.

I use Viva Labs which can be purchased at .

4. Nutrex Pure Hawaiian ‘Spirulina pacifica’. This is truly a ‘SUPERFOOD’! You can reference this article for some excellent information:

(, and

5.  Garden of Life Raw Probiotics ( separately for women, men and children). This is an EXCELLENT probiotic supplement.

Personally, I prefer getting my ‘friendly bacteria’ from food sources such as kefir, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and such. Always try to use organic when possible.

( and

6. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can be used by mixing 1 tablespoon with about 8 oz of cold spring water. You may want to start out with just a teaspoon. Many folks add a teaspoon of (hopefully) raw honey to the ACV and then add the water or a packet of organic SweetLeaf stevia is excellent.
It is not only good for digestion but serves as both a prebiotic and a probiotic. There are also numerous other benefits and some of them are listed at this website:
Just make sure it is RAW, ORGANIC AND UNFILTERED and has the ‘mother’ in it. I used Bragg’s. ACV can be purchased at the following website if you cannot find it locally.

( )

7. Selina Naturally ‘Celtic Sea Salt’. This salt is loaded with NATURAL, necessary and beneficial minerals and tastes REALLY GOOD! An excellent article on unrefined sea salt is at:

If you are concerned about sea salt  coming from polluted water, then Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is an excellent option, as explained in this article:

However, exceptionally clean sea water and ponds are used by the highest quality unrefined sea salt suppliers, as indicated by this article:

I personally use the Himalayan pink salt.

(,, and

8. Nature’s Plus Source of Life Garden ‘Vitamin D3′. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT vitamins our bodies crave and really need, especially when the winter months deprive us of its best source > the sun.

And, vitamin D is also able to cross the blood brain barrier and greatly assist in maintaining a healthy brain. ( )

You can reference this article for some good information on this extraordinary vitamin:

Most, if not all, of the companies that sell this valuable supplement get their D3 from lanolin, according to the research I did on the web.

Lanolin is secreted by the glands of wool-bearing animals….mainly sheep. YUCK!!! I do NOT want that stuff in my body!

Nature’s Plus, on the other hand, derive their D3 from ORGANIC mushrooms. Now, that I can live with!

( and

9. Speaking of the sun, besides providing us with IMMENSELY NEEDED Vitamin D, its benefits are MANY and quite far reaching. Here are several excellent articles detailing this:


Another very helpful article relating to the healthful use of ‘full spectrum’ lighting when we have no access to real sunlight is:

Please reference the Post on “Secular Light” for more information on this.

10. AVOID FLUORIDE as much as possible, as well as any municipal tap water. Remember, most  water filter systems do not eliminate fluoride from the water. Here are eye opening articles on the subject:

I always try to keep LOADS of good quality spring water on hand. Make sure the plastic jug it comes in has either a ‘1’ or a ‘2’ in the triangle on the bottom of the container, to avoid ‘BPAs’.

11. We should definitely avoid municipal drinking water because of  chlorine (and all the other junk in it). Here is an excerpt from an article on the dangers of chlorine:

“Unfortunately, the long-term affects of even low levels of chlorine in water are downright dangerous. Chlorine in everyday drinking water produces carcinogenic traces. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that it has been linked to cancer of the colon, rectum, bladder, breast, esophagus, larynx and of Hodgkin’s Disease, not to mention heart disease as well. The increase in these conditions was recognized as far back as the 1920s. This shouldn’t surprise us. When you smell laundry bleach you don’t need to read the label to know it’s poisonous. Over time, even minute doses can be lethal.”

End of excerpt taken from .

I use high quality spring water and  make sure the jug it is in has either a “1″ or a “2″ in the triangle on the bottom of the container, This is to avoid BPAs.

Actually, there are many companies that will deliver water cooler type containers of spring water to your residence and even provide the apparatus to use it. I know of one such household and it works great. Just make sure you find out if the containers are BPA free.

There are some good water filters out there BUT the majority of them will NOT eliminate the fluoride, which is just as dangerous as chlorine. If you can afford one of the water purifying systems that also eliminates fluoride it would be an excellent and wise investment.

Unfortunately, even more serious dangers can lurk from taking a shower with water loaded with chlorine. Here is an excerpt from :

  • “On average, you drink about 1-2 gallons of water per day… but you expose yourself to 25 gallons of water when you shower.
  • As concluded by the American Journal of Public Health… up to two-thirds of harmful chlorine exposure can be due to skin absorption and inhalation while showering.
  • The steam inhaled during a shower can contain up to 20 times the concentration of chlorine (and other synthetic chemicals) as tap water.
  • You can easily absorb as many toxins in 1 shower as you would drinking tap water for an entire week.
  • Studies show that after a 10-minute shower in chlorinated water,your blood levels of THMs (common disinfection byproduct – DBP) can potentially increase by as much as a staggering 700%.”End of excerpt.Fortunately, there quite a number of good shower head filters available at reasonable prices. If not purchased from the above website, you might try with filters starting at around $20.

12,   Another really exceptional SUPERFOOD is  ‘Fermented Kale’ powder and you check it out at .

13. I am adding a new ‘hint’ after reading an article today from a well respected health website I subscribe to and it is on the NUMEROUS benefits of olive oil, although the main gist of the report is on how this oil is the BEST for frying foods. Please check out the Post “Amazing Benefits Of Olive Oil”.

Of course, regular exercise is a must, even if only walking distances you can safely handle.

I hope this information will help you in healthfully maintaining, as best you can, your temple of God.

Later, in Christ,



NOTE: Any information quoted here is either from other websites or  other sources at my disposal, including my own experiences. You should double check and verify any information you intend to use personally as data from websites can be in error as can that from my sources at home.

That said, I make ever effort to verify the information from the different websites and sources I use at home before presenting it here.


10 comments on “You Are A Temple Of God: Helpful Health Hints

  1. susan says:

    How Did You think MegaFood Vitamin’s ? thank you

    • Hi, Susan….the only problem I would have with MegaFoods One Daily is that their “vegetable lubricant” is actually stearic acid. The following is a quote from

      “Magnesium stearate is formed by adding a magnesium ion to stearic acid. The compound has lubricating properties, which is why it’s often used in the making of supplements, as it allows the machinery to run faster and smoother, and prevents the pills or capsules from sticking to each other.

      However, previous research has shown that stearic acid suppresses T cells—your natural killer cells—which are a key component of your immune systemi. According to that study, stearic acid causes the collapse of cell membrane integrity—an effect that was found to be time and dose dependent—which, ultimately, can destroy cell function.

      In my view, if you’re taking a supplement, making sure it’s a high quality, natural food-based supplement that does not include potentially harmful fillers and additives such as magnesium stearate.” (End of quote)

      All the best,

  2. susan says:

    Your expertise is amazing
    i want find Vitamin’s it close as possible to its natural (whole food)
    and Preferably can be organic
    do you have recommend?
    Thank you very much

    • Hi, Susan. I avoid multi-vitamins and pretty much just take the supplements mentioned in the article. If I did go with a multi-vitamin, I would probably choose the one from The Synergy Company (
      All the best,

  3. JOHN says:

    Hi , Fred. Excuse me!
    choose Ester C (Calcium ascorbate) is better than ascorbic acid?
    how about magnesium ascorbate?

    My mom want to try Astaxanthin
    She is over 50 ,Your suggestions one Day’s dose is how?

    All the best,

    • Hey, John. Ester C and magnesium ascorbate are less acidic than pure ascorbic acid. If ascorbic acid is more beneficial in other ways, I do not know. Keep in mind that ascorbic acid can be from a synthetic source so I would make sure it is from a 100% natural source, such as Acai berries, etc..

      With astaxanthin, 4 mg a day seems to be the most recommended dosage. I am 69 and take 2 dosages of 4 mg each day, with each dosage being about 12 hours apart.

      Also keep in mind, that as an antioxidant, astaxanthin is reportedly 6,000 more times stronger than vitamin C.

      Take care.

  4. JOHN says:

    Hi, Fred.
    Astaxanthin can be used simultaneously with multi-vitamins ?
    Thank you!

  5. Tiffany says:

    I am heavy sleeper.
    You try so many products to help sleep, Which do you think is most effective?
    Thank you in advance . Tiffany

    • Hi, Tiffany. In the past, I have tried any number of sleep aids but none were really effective for me.

      When I got my “gut” (our “second brain”) in order by building up the good bacteria,as well as eating organic as much as possible, then I was/am able to sleep pretty good. I have done this mainly by eating a lot of (organic) yogurt, (organic) kefir and kimchee, along with some quality probiotic supplements at first.

      All the best.

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