Good Morning

Good afternoon from here!

This is just a reminder that we should be continually making the effort to cultivate our relationship with our Father and Savior into a more personal bond. Here are a few suggestions.

A good start is to FIRST THING in the morning, moments after we wake up, while still lying in bed, greet Them with a GOOD MORNING!!, and wholeheartedly thank Them for being there. Of course, other ‘conversation’ can continue with Them as you see fit. This has absolutely nothing to do with formal prayer and is just our way of acknowledging our appreciation for Them being there as we begin our day.

Then, we silently ‘chat’ with Them throughout the day….again, there is not formal prayer, just casual ‘conversation’ as described in the Posts “Pray On The Potty” and “Practicing The Presence Of God”. While not ‘chatting’, our gaze should be continually towards Them.

If (I should say ‘when’!!) we mess up and sin during the day, we apologize and  say we are sorry and thank Them for the awaiting forgiveness that is there because of Christ’s sacrifice. Brother Lawrence wrote that he would add something to this effect when addressing Them after his sinning:”this is what happens when I am left to depend on myself without You”.

When we see, hear or experience nice things during the day that are a delight then we simply say “Thank you”.

When we see, hear or experience the bad, the mean and the tragic that is all about us during the day we silently thank Them for Their plan to make ALL things right in the end. (Please reference the Posts on “Suffering” and “All Creation Will Be Saved”)

We should ask for Their advice when confronted with options during the day. They will respond in the appropriate way depending on the status of each ones’ individual, personal faith and what is best for each of us in that situation. Keep in mind, They are not there to merely be our “rainy day”  source of help, and we may need to learn this lesson.

So, in all we do, we should seek that personal relationship with God and Christ Jesus and not settle for just a religious acknowledgement of Them being there.

Take care and hope to see you later.



Modern Young’s Literal Translation

Hi, there! By far, as best as I can determine, the most accurate translations of the Bible available are the Concordant Literal Translation, Rotherham’s Emphasized and Young’s Literal Translation versions (all three are available free at ).

However, all of them can make for ‘stiff’ reading either because of their attempts to be so accurate or , as in the case of Rotherham’s and Young’s, they are written in ‘ole English’ fashion.

There is now a version available called MODERN YOUNG’S LITERAL TRANSLATION which is very ‘readable’  while maintaining excellent accuracy. It is free online at and the New Testament version can be purchased at

Until later.


The Suffering Of Our Father At The Crucifixion


We Christians should never overlook the fact that God the Father had to have suffered beyond comprehension while watching what His Son was going through on the day of that crucifixion.

Any loving human being, such as Mary the mother of Jesus, would have their heart completely torn asunder, beyond description, observing such pain and agony, especially for One so innocent.

The more we are capable of loving the more we are capable of suffering. God is Love (1 John 4:8) and He is certainly capable of experiencing “sorrow”, “sadness” and “grief” as indicated by Ephesians 4:30. The three sentiments listed here are how the Greek word “lupeo” is defined.

Since God’s Love is boundless, His suffering on that day must have been boundless.

When we remember the glorious sacrifice of our Lord we should along with it always remember the glorious sacrifice of the Father, as He was so willing to suffer as He did by allowing His Son to suffer for our sakes….John 3:16.

Take care.