Some Of Our Weaknesses Take Longer To Overcome

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As Christians, we should NEVER be overly discouraged by our persistent failures when dealing with some of our weaknesses….although we should certainly intensely mourn the defeats with great regret….and seek the power of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives even more.

A really good example of this is revealed in Galatians 2:11-12 where Peter royally messed up and Paul had to confront and admonish him in front of everyone present.

Peter had personally been with Jesus for about 3 years and had had the Holy Spirit within him as a Christian for at least 17 YEARS (Galatians 1:18; 2:1). Not only that, but he was the head of the entire Jewish ecclesia!!!

And, yet, it is shown in Galatians 2 that he actually succumbed to peer pressure BECAUSE OF FEAR! He was afraid of what other people (fellow Christians, no less!!) might think of him EVEN AFTER all he had been through in past 17 or so years and in spite of having the Holy Spirit mightily within him as an apostle!I would venture to guess he was NOT ‘practicing the presence of God’ at this time.

The horrendous sins of David involving Bathsheba and Uriah is an even better example of how our weaknesses can sneak up on us if we do not stay close to God and Christ Jesus AT ALL TIMES. David had been ‘a man of God’ for about 35 YEARS, when at about 50 years old, he committed these horrible sins. Likewise, it is a given he was NOT ‘practicing the presence of God’.

However, both were forgiven out of God’s unfathomable mercy and grace.

One lesson to learn here is that God and Christ Jesus understand how difficult it is for us to be humans even when we possess Their Holy Spirit. How fortunate and blessed we are to have a Father and Savior such as They are, Who can extend such overwhelming forgiveness.

Another lesson would be to NEVER, NEVER give up trying to reach maturity in Christ Jesus (Matthew 5:48)  although we may fail from time to time, even after years of being a Christian (Please reference the Post on ‘NEVER….NEVER Give Up’). As well, keep in mind that we will ALWAYS suffer some degree of LOSS when we sin, even when They forgive us.

And, lastly, it certainly shows that we should consistently and persistently ‘practice the presence of God and Christ Jesus’ to insure that we are constantly in touch with Them and not left alone to ourselves, which is a scary and dangerous situation for any Christian to be in. (Please reference the Post “Practicing The Presence Of God”).

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2 comments on “Some Of Our Weaknesses Take Longer To Overcome

  1. Kat Brennan says:

    This is a great website. My friend is a very devout Christian and she suggested that I go here for advice of what to do with my current life situation. After reading some of these posts, I have hope that I can turn things around. Hopefully I can help my family members as well.

    • Hi, there Kat and thanks for your comment. And, thank your friend,too! The academy looks interesting but I just glanced at some of the info.

      If I can help in any way, please let me know. After having taught the local assembly for about 12 years I learned I was not called to be a pastor!!!….just a teacher. However, I hope I will be able to refer you to Scriptures where our Father and Jesus will certainly help you….They never let us down.

      All the best.

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