Nothing Happens Without God’s Permission

Hello, again!

Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, happens on this earth or in the heavens without the explicit ‘permission’ of God and Christ Jesus. Quite literally, there is no such thing as an ‘accident’!

John 1:3 informs us that “not even one thing came into being which has come into being” apart from God creating it through Jesus Christ. And, Colossians  1:15-17 not only confirms this but reminds us that “in Him, ALL THINGS HOLD TOGETHER” (emphasis mine). In other words, EVERYTHING is controlled by Him.

An illustration of this is in Job 1:6,12; 2:6 where Satan, himself, is shown to be limited ONLY to what God gives him ‘permission’ to carry out.

It should not concern us as to who is President of the United States or who rules any country on this earth because we know that God and Jesus Christ ALLOWED her/him or them to be in that position in accord with Their Own Divine purpose (Romans 13:1)….even though they may be humanly foolish and/or evil like Pharaoh (Romans 9:17), Hitler and other similar sickos.

Another example of this is in John 19:11 where Jesus tells Pilate “You would have no authority against Me, if it were not having been given you from above….”.

No President, head of state or ruler of any country  can carry out any decision or policy they have made UNLESS God and Jesus give them  ‘permission’ to do so:

“Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.” (Proverbs 16:1….The Message Bible)   Forecasters speculate on the possibility of an asteroid(s) striking the earth but this should NOT concern Christians because we know it will not happen without the ‘permission’ of God and Jesus. If it does happen, it is for Their Divine purpose and for our good, as well as the eventual good of all mankind. (Please reference the Post “All Creation Will Be Saved”)

This is true in our personal lives, obviously. Whatever circumstances you and I find ourselves in God and Christ Jesus not only allowed them but also engineered them….for Their Divine purpose with each of us.

The best example of why God and Jesus can allow such overwhelming evil,suffering and any circumstance to exist is the crucifixion of Jesus, Himself.

The GREATEST wrong, evil and sin EVER committed by any human or humans was when Jesus was crucified. The creation tortured its Creator and then nailed Him to a tree to suffer the most agonizing of deaths.

However, as it is with ALL the evil, wrongs and sufferings we have existing today, God gave ‘permission’ to have His Son go through this for His Divine purpose. We will clearly see why He could and can do this as explained below.

God actually takes this GREATEST of evils and sins and turns it into the GREATEST  BLESSING for the ENTIRE creation, even for those who did the crucifying! What love, power and wisdom does our God and Father have!!

This is the reason God and Jesus Christ can allow such awful suffering and circumstances to exist in the world: if God can take the GREATEST evil/sin (the Crucifixion) and turn it into the ENTIRE creation’s GREATEST BLESSING….which is their ultimate glorious salvation….how much ‘easier’ will it be for God, through Christ Jesus, to eventually bring about blessings and a glorious ending from ALL the ‘lesser’ evils, sins and sufferings that exist today, as well as in times past. (Please reference the Post “All Creation Will Be Saved”)

How blessed and fortunate we Christians (as well as, eventually, the ENTIRE creation) are to have a Father and Savior such as we have…. and we should be continually giving thanks to Them for this.

Later, in Him,



4 comments on “Nothing Happens Without God’s Permission

  1. Lisa says:

    Fred, your article is erroneous because it ignores MANY scriptures and the fundamental truth of Gen. 1:26. Not only did God give man authority and dominion in the earth but he also gave man GENUINE free will. In Deut. 28 God tells his people to CHOSSE this day who they would serve. The word reveals that it is NOT God’s will that anyone should perish yet we know many will. Things occur that are NOT God’s express will because he gave men( and angelic beings) true free will.

    • Hi Lisa and thanks for your comment.

      I agree that humans have a free will to make choices for which they will be held accountable. The verses I presented, however, show that God allows these choices to be carried out ONLY if He and Christ Jesus approve:

      Proverbs 19:21
      “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

      “Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.” (Proverbs 16:1….The Message Bible)

      Pilate’s free will was to execute Jesus but the Scriptures tell us that Christ clearly stated in John 19:11 that the carrying out of this free will was allowed only by the authority from God.

      One of the best examples of God’s will vs. man’s will is in Acts 9:1-19 when Saul was on the road to Damascus to continue his persecution of Christians….this was obviously his free will to do so. However, this went against God’s will and Jesus appeared to Saul along the way and changed his free will in a heart beat!

      And, yes, you are right in quoting it is not God’s will that any should perish. As it was in the case of Saul, God’s will prevails and this is accomplished at the “conclusion of the eons” (1 Corinthians 10:11 Concordant Literal New Testament). One of the most wonderful truths in the Scriptures is the eventual salvation of ALL mankind and I invite you to read the Categories “All Creation Will Be Saved”, “Misunderstanding About The Salvation Of All Creation” and “Eon vs Forever”.

      All the best, in Him.

  2. Gareth says:

    Oh man, I could debate this all my life, you are right to the degree that God is permitting evil to exist and still honouring freewill, however that is where it ends. Basically we are all waiting for the bigger plan to be fulfilled but hate to say it, lots of things happen out of God’s will. Even in the old testament he didn’t even think man could be so evil as to sacrifice their children, in fact he said it never even came up into his mind. No sorry, God does not authorise everything that happens

    • Hi there Gareth and thanks for your interest and input.

      I cannot really add anything to what I wrote to Lisa (see her comments below) concerning the issue of man’s/woman’s “free will”.

      I respect your differing opinion and all the best to you in Christ.

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