Rapture: Fact Or Fiction


Since so many denominations, as well as non-denominations, adhere to the ‘Rapture’ theory, I thought I would pass along an excellent article on the subject at https://sites.google.com/site/secretraptureark/ (just point and click).

In addition to the overwhelming evidence offered by the article against the above theory, there is one verse in the Bible that shows how completely false is the idea of a ‘Rapture’. Revelation 20:5 clearly states that after the Great Tribulation there will be the “first resurrection”. If there had been a ‘Rapture’ of living and dead Christians BEFORE the Great Tribulation, then the Bible is LYING by calling the resurrection in 20:5 the “first”. Obviously, it would be the ‘second’ IF the ‘Rapture’ was a fact….which it is not. It is pure fiction.

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