2 Corinthians 12

Greetings!   This morning I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 12th chapter of Corinthians. Speaking of the Scriptures, in the early days of Christianity, many saints probably had none, or just a few, of the holy writings….and, it is estimated the majority could not even read.  Not to worry, God always makes everything a level playing field….somehow, their spiritual needs were provided for without the scriptures.

Paul had quite a trip….going to the 3rd heaven! In those days, the 1st heaven was the earth’s atmosphere , the 2nd the starry sky and the 3rd was God’s abode. Paul got a taste of just how unimaginable it  is what God holds in store for us….”eye has not seen nor ear heard  the glorious things that await those Whom He loves”.

But, Paul had to pay a price for his visit. Even someone of Paul’s spiritual statute needed a ‘thorn in the flesh’ to keep him humble because of what he experienced…this really amazes me! Nevertheless, he was able to delight in his infirmity after God’s reasoning was revealed to him.

Paul prayed 3 times concerning his infirmity, with no relief, and Jesus prayed 3 times during His trial, also with no relief. There is probably a lesson here.

Concerning Paul’s affliction, this reveals how God wisely uses Satan’s antics (he was the one who brought the infirmity to Paul) for His  eventual Holy purpose and our benefit. Satan can do nothing without God’s permission (as illustrated by Job’s trial),  and it always results in our benefit.

How encouraging it is that we are actually at our ‘prime’ to be used by God when we are at our weakest.   God does make the wisdom of this world look foolish with His mysterious ways.

Even though the Corinthians were the notorious  ‘wild bunch’ with all their problems, Paul loved them dearly….a disposition made possible only by his having the Holy Spirit. But, he could administer ‘tough love’ when the occasion required it.

Until later, take care in Him.