Are You Fresh For Everything?


I read the January 20th daily entry this morning from “My Utmost For His Highest” and wanted to pass it along to you. You can reference the Post by the same name to learn how to gain FREE access to his daily devotionals. All words in capital letters are my emphasis. Here goes:

“Sometimes we are fresh for a prayer meeting but not fresh for cleaning boots!

Being born again is an unmistakeable work of God, as mysterious as the wind, as surprising as God Himself. We do not know where it begins, it is hidden away in the depth of our personal life. Being born again is a PERENNIAL, PERPETUAL and ETERNAL beginning: a freshness ALL THE TIME in thinking, and in talking and in living, a CONTINUAL surprise of the life of God. Staleness is an indication of something out of joint with God – ‘I must do this thing or it will never get done’. That is the first sign of staleness. Are we freshly born this minute, or are we stale, raking in our minds for something to do?

Freshness does not come from obedience but from the Holy Spirit; obedience keeps us in the light as God is in the light.

Guard jealously your relationship to God. Jesus prayed ‘that they may be one, even as We are One’ – NOTHING BETWEEN. Keep all the life PERENNIALLY open to Jesus Christ, don’t pretend with Him. Are you drawing your life from any other source than God Himself? If you are depending on anything but Him, you will never know when He is gone.

Being born again means much more than we generally take it to mean. It gives us a new vision and KEEPS US ABSOLUTELY FRESH FOR EVERYTHING by the PERENNIAL supply of the life of God.”

End of excerpt.

The possibility of thisĀ  ‘continual freshness’ from the supply of the life of God is in harmony with and verified by 2 Corinthians 4:16: “….our inner man is being renewed day by day.” (NAS). And , this is merely referring to us while we have these decaying, mortal bodies….it is beyond comprehension what we will experience when we inherit our “weight of glory” (verse 17) after we are changed “into the likeness of His glorious body” ( Philippians 3:21) when Christ Jesus returns for us.

Until later,