David’s Heinous Sin vs God’s Mercy

Hey, there. One of the most unfathomable and mind boggling accounts in the Bible is David’s sin with Bathsheba and all its surrounding circumstances. Yet, it provides 2 extremely valuable lessons (and, probably many additional ones). The main narrative is in 2 Samuel 11-12.

Consider these facts about David:

-He had been so very close to God and had accomplished so much in God’s service.

-How many of us have our writings as part of the Scriptures? David did.

-The dude had 8 wives (2 Samuel 3:2-5 plus Michal and Bathsheba) and AT LEAST 10 concubines!

And yet, he committed adultery with a brave and honorable soldier’s wife and then had her husband killed. And, the really amazing thing here: David’s conscience bothered him in absolutely no way until Nathan stepped in!

I find these primary lessons here:

1. Always realize that no matter how close you have been to God (and Christ Jesus), we are capable of losing that closeness and devotion REAL EASY. Not only is the human heart desperately wicked and deceitful ABOVE ALL THINGS (Jeremiah 17:9) but “Satan is a lion, roaring, looking for and stalking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Solution: By the minute, hour and day remain in God’s and Christ’s presence, especially in prayer (Please reference “Practicing The Presence Of God”).

2. God’s mercy can be boundless with true and wholehearted repentance. David had to pay a price for this sin but he was forgiven in spite of its horrendous nature. He will still be a king as well as a prince to Israel in the Millennium (Ezekiel 37:24-25….Rotherham’s).

See you later.