Death Of Infants And Young Children

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God, in His infinite and never failing wisdom, oftentimes holds back the reason(s) for  the necessity of something happening. Some things we just have to accept on faith, but even here, He gives us good reason to trust Him. For instance, the fact that ALL creation will be saved at the conclusion of the eons (please reference the Post “All Creation Will Be Saved”) is proof enough of His love for His creation (please also reference the Post “God Can Give Nothing But Blessing And Goodness”) and assures us that ALL things will come to a WONDERFUL and GLORIOUS end, regardless of present conditions and/or appearances.

Concerning the deaths of infants and young children, I believe it is safe for us to reach a few factual conclusions based on the Scriptures. Without a doubt, all those babies and children who died in infancy will be at the Great White Throne Judgment as all who have ever lived will be present there except for God’s saints (please reference the Posts “Who Are Saints” and “Judgment Seat Of Christ vs Great White Throne Judgment”).

The Great White Throne Judgment  has absolutely NOTHING to do  with the issues of faith, justification, righteousness, baptism, callings or any religious matters. It deals SOLELY with an individual’s “acts” and “motives” during their existence as a human being (Romans 2:5-7 and other verses)…that’s it!!  It is quite obvious that these previously deceased babies and young children will be HAPPILY ushered into the coming “new heaven and new earth” (Revelation 21:1) following the Judgment because they cannot be held accountable nor condemned for any bad acts….based on their ages and experience!

Parents, relatives, loved ones and even strangers who are so deeply touched by the passing of babies and young children are certainly justified in experiencing the pain of the loss. But, the tears and broken hearts are for us humans, NOT these children. To the contrary, they did not have to experience (were actually spared, if you will) the very difficult and quite painful journey of being a human in this very corrupt and “WICKED eon” (Galatians 1:4).

Jesus, Himself, referred to this present experience of life as humans on earth as “darkness” (John 1:5), as did Paul (Ephesians 5:8, 6:12). Earth is the land of the dead (those deceased) and the ‘dying’ (Matthew 8:22).  Soon after we are born, our mortal bodies begin the process of decaying and dying, and are having to be rejuvenated again and again, constantly. These infants and little children were BLESSED with only having to go through this ‘rotting’ process for a very, very short time.

And, although they may have missed out on some VERY limited and VERY fleeting happy moments as a human being, it is NOTHING compared to what it will be like for them at their next awakening moment from their peaceful “SLEEP” of death (please reference the Post “Death”) before the Righteous Judge Who will then grant them a JOYOUS and GLORIOUS life beyond description  in “the new heaven and the new earth” (“paradeisos” OR ‘paradise’….Revelation 2:7).

Remember always: IF it had been more profitable for them to have lived a longer life, God and Christ Jesus would have allowed them to do so.

As for the suffering of infants and young children who do not die, please reference the Post on “Suffering”.

Until later, all the best in Christ Jesus,