Hi, again!

Yeah, I am back so soon because I want to share with you some more excerpts from “Abandonment To Divine Providence” and these are from http://www.ccel.org/ccel/decaussade/abandonment.ii_1.i.ii.x.html (just click on the web address with your pointer). Of course, the entire book is FREE online at this website. Emphasis will be mine and here we go:

“The present moment is the ambassador of God to declare His mandates.”

“Thus the soul advances by ALL these things and flows out from its centre to its goal. It never  stops but sails with every wind. Any and every direction leads equally to the shore of infinity. EVERYTHING is a help to it, and is, without exception, an instrument of sanctity.”

“for self, to be in ALL things submissive to the will of God and to please Him; making it our sole satisfaction to sustain the present moment as though there were NOTHING else to hope for in the world.”

“That which God does at each moment is a DIVINE thought expressed by a created thing”

” It is also to know, to adore and to love His adorable will at every moment and in ALL its decrees, regarding them ALL as so many veils, shadows and names of this holy and everlasting will.”

“It is then, by this continual recognition of the will of God as manifested and revealed in ALL things, that He reigns in us, that His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven, and that our souls obtain nourishment.”

“God bestows graces and favors on faithful souls. To enrich the soul at the expense of the senses, filling it by so much the more as they experience the more terrible emptiness, is a secret of the DIVINE wisdom.”

“The events of every moment bear the impress of the will of God, and of His adorable Name.”

“We can no longer consider our moments as trifles since in them is a whole kingdom of sanctity and food”

Moment most precious! How insignificant in the eyes of the vulgar, but how GREAT in those enlightened by faith.”

End of excerpts from this Section.

These three excerpts are from Book One Chapter 2 Section 11:

“This vast activity (Jesus working with us), which is in itself ever the same from the beginning to the end of time, is employed with every moment, pouring its immensity and virtue on the souls which adore it, love it, and rejoice in it alone.”

“the divine action is applied by every single thing and at every moment for my PERFECTION”

” each present moment contains ALL that is best for you, and as such must be loved and esteemed.”

Take care in Him….moment by moment.