Letters From A Modern Mystic

Hey, there! This is a duplicate Post of the one I did earlier as I was trying to keep the paragraphs from running together but it didn’t work, even though I edited it numerous times. I was able, though, to get the two websites mentioned below to be available by just clicking them.

The title of this Post is the name of the  book by Frank C. Laubach (1884-1970) who was a missionary in the Philippines when he penned this writing. For various reasons, he decided to WHOLEHEARTEDLY immerse himself into what was brought out by Brother Lawrence’s  PRACTICING THE PRESENCE OF GOD (Please reference my Post by this title.).

The results were absolutely amazing and it undoubtedly illustrates how each of us can experience what Brother Lawrence did, and certainly have our own “heaven on earth” encounters with God and Christ Jesus in this lifetime.

I will give you a few excerpts here and after finishing that I will give you the websites to access this book. It can also be purchased at http://www.amazon.com.

Here goes:

“Although I have been a minister and a missionary for fifteen years, I have not lived the entire day of every day in minute by minute effort to follow the will of God. Two years ago a profound dissatisfaction led me to begin trying to line up my actions with the will of God about every fifteen minutes or every half hour.”


“Yesterday and today I have made a new adventure, which is not easy to express. I am feeling God in each movement, by an act of will – willing that He shall direct these fingers that now strike this typewriter – willing that He shall pour through my steps as I
walk – willing that He shall direct my words as I speak….”
“You will object to this intense introspection. Do not try it, unless you feel dissatisfied with your own relationship with God, but at least allow me to realize all the leadership of God I can. I am disgusted with the pettiness and futility of my unled self. If the way out is not more perfect slavery to God then what is the way out? Paul speaks of our liberty in Christ. I am trying to be utterly free from everybody, free from my own self, but completely enslaved to the will of God every moment of this day.
“I feel simply carried along each hour, doing my part in a plan which is far beyond myself. This sense of cooperation with God in little things is what so astonishes me, for I never have felt it this way before. I need something, and turn round to find it waiting for me. I must work, to be sure, but there is God working along with me. To know this gives a sense of security and assurance for the future which is also new to my life. I seem to have to make sure of only one thing now, and every other thing “takes care of itself,” or I prefer to say what is more true, God takes care of all the rest.”
Here are the two sites where this work can be found:
 All the best in Him,