Misunderstanding About the Salvation of All Creation


There is this misconception about the eventual saving of the entire creation at the end of the ages.  The general gist is: well, if we are gonna obtain not only salvation but glory after all is said and done in the end, why not  indulge in unlimited and unbridled sin (this includes greed, gossip, slandering, etc., of course) while we are still on this earth? Good question.

Assuredly, each non-believer will be held ACCOUNTABLE for their individual sins and dealt with accordingly. Ever heard the words “wailing and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 8:12) ?  OUCH!….sounds pretty darn painful to me. For another “ouch”, refer to Revelations 14:9-11 and 16:8-11. As well, Romans 2:8-9 warns there will be “wrath”, “indignation”, “tribulation” and “distress” on those sinners who deserve it.

Do not be deceived….God is no ‘softie’ and He will administer due pain to those who deserve it….BUT, with the purpose of bringing the individual around to accepting His way.  God never “punishes” just for pain’s sake….rather, He “disciplines” (Hebrews 12:5….New American Standard) as a loving Father with the intent to correct wrong to right; and, He will succeed with each person. Rotherham’s puts this nicely in Matthew 25:46: “And these shall go away into age-abiding CORRECTION”. (emphasis mine)

God invented tough love and His way is always successful!! He and Christ Jesus NEVER fail and if God WILLS that ALL mankind be saved (1 Timothy 2:4), you can bet your proverbial bottom dollar it will happen!

For believers, it is a different story. After the resurrection, each saint (please refer to the Post “Who Is A Saint”) will  give an account of one’s self before “the judgment seat of Christ”  (2 Corinthians 5:10….this is NOT the White Throne Judgment but occurs immediately after the resurrection and is FOR BELIEVERS ONLY….Please reference the Post “Judgement Seat Of Christ vs Great White Throne Judgement”). The believer who attains to and is enjoying (to put it mildly!!!) the resurrection will NEVER BE DISCIPLINED WITH ANY PAIN regarding their sins…..before or after they were saved. Christ paid for our sins BEFORE we are saved. AFTER  we are saved, we will just either gain or lose rewards based on our subsequent behavior.

Besides, our end goal as believers is to avoid sin, not because we are afraid of punishment or loss of rewards, but rather, because we love righteousness….as do our Father and Savior.

Later, in Christ,