The Life Of Faith


Here is a wonderful excerpt from “Abandonment To Divine Providence” which can be found at (just click the web address with your pointer and you will also be able to access the entire book there). Emphasis and editing will be mine throughout….here we go:

“There is nothing more generous than the way in which a soul having faith, accepts the most deadly perils and troubles, beholding in them something Divine of the spiritual life.”

“The life of faith, and the instinct of faith are one and the same. It is an enjoyment of the goods of God, and a confidence founded on the expectation of His protection, making EVERYTHING pleasant and received with good grace.”

“It is indifference to, and at the same time a preparation for EVERY place, state, or person.”

FAITH IS NEVER UNHAPPY, even when the senses are most desolate.”

“This lively faith is ALWAYS in God, ALWAYS in His action above contrary appearances by which the senses are darkened. The senses, in terror, suddenly cry to the soul, “Unhappy one! You have now no resource, you are lost,” and instantly faith with a stronger voice answers: “KEEP FIRM, GO ON, AND FEAR NOTHING.”

An additional quote from Chapter 2 Section 8 reads: “reason is always suspicious, and has always some argument against it. ALL its ideas are confused. There is nothing in it that reason has ever known or read about, or been accustomed to admire; it is something quite new.

Further still in Chapter 4 Section 1 we have this: “FEAR NOT, faithful soul, for this is your right path, and the way by which God conducts you.  There is no way more safe and sure than this dark way of faith.”

Until later, in Him.