Led By God’s Spirit

Hi, there!

What if you had a ‘friend’, a ‘buddy’, who was tagging along with you 24/7 and this ‘friend’ had the uncanny (if not miraculous)  ability of NEVER  BEING WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING!

This ‘friend’ would always be there to guide you in making the right and perfect decision with EVERY endeavor you would ever undertake  and in EVERY circumstance that you could possibly encounter.

But wait a second, that’s not all. Our ‘friend’ would not only do all of this but actually give us the POWER to carry out all of these right and perfect decisions!

Whoa….with a ‘friend’ like this, would you not be the most fortunate and blessed person on this planet!

This ‘friend’ is, of course, is the Holy Spirit which will lead us because we are the sons and daughters of  God….Romans 8:14. The Holy Spirit never, ever makes a mistake with its guidance and its POWER is clearly revealed in the Scriptures as brought out in the Category “Feel The POWER!!.

But, here is the problem: we don’t fully and truly believe (have the faith) that the Holy Spirit can actually do all of this because God and Christ Jesus are not as real to us as They can be and should be. However, to overcome this obstacle and barrier, it is simply a matter of drawing closer to Them, and in turn, They will draw closer to us as indicated in James 4:8. Please reference the Category “Why Isn’t God More Real To Me” for further discussion on this.

As well, the most effective and easiest way to “draw near” to God and Christ Jesus is to PRACTICE THE PRESENCE OF GOD, as discussed in the Category by the same title.

Our ‘friend’ waits to guide and empower us in EVERY aspect of our lives and to do even MORE …. it will also enable us to experience and enjoy its WONDERFUL FRUIT  (Galatians 5:22).

How truly blessed we are above ALL humans to have been called by God because of the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

All the best, in Him.



Creation vs Evolution


I hesitated to present this Post because I find the THEORY of “evolution” to be so silly and unfounded that I thought it would be a waste of time. No offense, but this THEORY is truly the epitome of the lesson learned from “The Emperor Without Clothes” …. EXCEPT the emperor comes off looking  like a flaming genius when compared with the nonsense and absurdity associated with the “evolution” THEORY!

Nevertheless, it is a widely accepted THEORY and deserves a look-see. Please keep in mind that all comments at its ridiculousness and any attempts at humor  are ALWAYS directed at the concept of “evolution” and NEVER at an individual. I respect everyone’s right to believe as they choose.

Quite simply, there is absolutely NO legitimate (not to mention logical, scientific and/or common sense) evidence of a changing, evolving “something” eventually turning into a human or animal. Not only is there no “missing link”….THERE ARE NO LINKS to remotely prove or justify this guesswork.

Keep in mind, this THEORY cannot begin to explain WHERE all this ‘stuff ‘ (globs of something or whatever) that is supposedly evolving even came from!! Who put the ‘stuff’ there to begin with? This THEORY has a major problem from the git-go!!

The fact that COMMON SIMILARITIES exist between different creatures….for example: monkeys and humans….only reveals that they have the SAME, COMMON Creator Who uses COMMON, SIMILAR elements, features and forms  in a myriad of beautiful  and  unlimited number of diverse ways with His creation. These COMMON SIMILARITIES are the “signature” of His creative work. And, of course, like the Bible says, each specific creation is a class/kind/species unto its self.

You NEVER, EVER see a partial monkey and partial man, partial fish and partial frog, etc. during this supposed evolving process, and there would be ZILLIONS of examples of such change if this THEORY was even close to making sense. And, IT WOULD GOING ON TODAY! Instead, we have every species neatly and orderly in its completed form, in its own proper class.

Can you imagine a regular bird trying to “adapt” to become a humming bird, through rigorous wing flapping exercises? It’s a legitimate  question….that humming bird had to come from somewhere. If it was not CREATED that way, it would have had to  evolve by adapting . That means increasing its wing flapping to 18-70 flaps PER SECOND to be considered a decent hummer!!!….a major endeavor, indeed.  IF it did make any progress, it could no sooner pass along its  achievement to its descendants than a sprint runner could with her or his fastest running time!

Isn’t it strange  that we don’t see any of this “evolution” going on today? Did (mindless, clueless, aimlessly wandering) “evolution” say to itself: “Whoa, I reached my goal of a completed, orderly creation and now I’m gonna sit back and take a rest….my evolving days are over!”?  A true and valid point to consider and it certainly makes this THEORY look even more silly.

Here is an excerpt from an article from The Institute For Creation Research presented here with their permission:

Evolution, Thermodynamics, and Entropy

by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

The study of biological processes and phenomena indicates that significant evolutionary developments are not observable in the modern world. Similarly the great gaps in the fossil record make it extremely doubtful that any genuine evolution, as distinct from small changes within the kinds, ever took place in the past.

There is one consideration, however, which goes well beyond the implications of the above difficulties. Not only is there no evidence that evolution ever has taken place, but there is also firm evidence that evolution never could take place. The law of increasing entropy is an impenetrable barrier which no evolutionary mechanism yet suggested has ever been able to overcome. Evolution and entropy are opposing and mutually exclusive concepts. If the entropy principle is really a universal law, THEN EVOLUTION MUST BE IMPOSSIBLE (emphasis mine). (http://www.icr.org/article/51/247/)”

End of excerpt.

Lastly, where is the physical evidence showing  this alleged transformation process….if this illusion was true?

Seriously, with all these supposedly trial and error maneuvers by (mindless, clueless,  aimlessly wandering) “evolution”, fossil records should exist by the MILLIONS OR BILLIONS OF TONS, literally; and, the process should obviously be continuing today….IF, just if, “evolution” made any sense (which it doesn’t) and was true (which it isn’t). I have yet to see EVEN ONE such piece of fossil evidence!

Okay, I’m done. Maybe.

All the best, and later,